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havent been on for awhile…

sorry guys ive been having a break from acww and i will be from wi-fi for awhile as my friends wi-fi who i use is going to london for awhile so yeah ill be posting about new updates on azalea but no wifi for awhile. thats all.. ciao x

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A very sad paige posting…

well hoping for my town to be chocked full with visitors for the special event would have really made me happy but no. not even 1 person has visited for the event opening of camp azalea. 2 days have past and 1 to go till the events over i have decided to extend the event for another 3 days and if still no visitors i might even CLOSE camp azalea. 😦 so yesh see u guys soon maybe

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3 Days Only

new camp azalea is……..open for buisness

there is a 3 day only event to get into camp azalea FREE OF CHARGE. but snacks still cost 🙂 sorry.

this event will take place starting from the  29th july and will end on the 1st august. dont miss your only chance to get in free of charge and enjoy the extreme fishing, extreme bug catching and even do your own bit of camp azalea gardening with our own private garden for you to plant your own turnips, trees and whatever you want for a very small price of course and even trade items at our trading post.

have a fun time.

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Planning Break.

ok so sounds dumb but i took a break on acww to plan for my summer holidays camp 🙂 thing is its all planned but i cant do it alone i need some helpers now if you would like i will pay BIG BELLS for help but if you just wanna voluteer feel free.


well i have been wanting to make the best acww camp around a bit like katrinas (those who hasnt seen it its the video at the bottom) Katrinas camp, Camp Y*oster turned out amazing when she worked with her friend Golden_god.


the planning will be posted on here shortly and i know i will have to use animal map for parts.


what do we get.

well camp azalea will be a great acww tourist attraction all year round and will be on youtube facebook and wordpress. You will get to be on one or maybe all of these websites in pictures or videos. also if you help me with jobs you will be paid 20,000 bells a day.

does it cost.

unfortunutly there is a bell cost it depends on how many your with we can only have 4 people at a time but the cost does change. heres the price guide.

pp – per person.

the price to get in is 100bells.

snacks prices range.

thats it really not much to pay at all.

what is the point summer holidays have already started?

yes they have and camp Azalea will be open all year round so in summer it will have special fishing and bug catching activities, autum it will have treasure hunts and acorn searching, winter will have snowman making contests, spring will have race days etc. camp azalea will also have hotel and everything.

cool but why do you need us?

well theres a few jobs i need and places might go quick but heres the jobs.
Gardener –  NAME,NAME

pattern maker – name,name

the main job is pattern maker at the moment i just need some basic patterns i will discuss it with them.

anyway thats it i hope to see you soon byee

heres camp y*oster.



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New Animal crossing for 3DS

i heard from a website about a new animal crossing game to come out with the new 3ds here are some screenshots from nintendo.

looks great i cant wait for it can you?

check out the E3 website and see what other games are coming i know animal crossing, zelda and nintendogs and nintencats are coming out.

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Going for gold.

a few days ago i recived the hard to get fishing rod and bug net. heres some pics of it…

thats it for this post, more to come soon 🙂


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